West Usk Lighthouse 

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Dear  Visitor,

Yes,  we do have a life size Dalek,  signed by John Pertwee!, and a few telephone boxes dotted about. We have recently acquired a Tardis.

The lighthouse is only two hours' drive from London,  is situated between       Newport and Cardiff, overlooking both The Usk and the Severn Estuaries and The Bristol Channel.  We bought it when it was semi-derelict in 1987. The lantern room was restored in 1997 with a grant from the Wales Tourist Board and CADW.  The lighthouse is now a grade II listed building. and is over 180 years old. As it is exposed to the elements,  the restoration work is never finished.

We are really fortunate to live in this unique property. The tides come rushing in twice a day, so the landscape is never the same.  The Severn Estuary is the second fastest tidal river in the world. The sunrises and sunsets are just spectacular. The storms are something else! The full moon has to be seen to be believed. We have cows in the fields and wild horses roam around. In the summer time, the crops are so colourful.  Shame we have not had a crop circle yet,  but we are hoping.....

Our guests come for a relaxing short break, though we do have some lighthouse enthusiasts who stay longer.   We have had over 20 marriage proposals at the lighthouse.  You can re-take your vows on top of the lighthouse, shouting it as loud as you want! We can arrange for someone to help you  do this. We can take you in the Roller to the local full a la carte restaurant, with chilled champagne for the journey,  or we can order flowers and balloons for a birthday treat. 

The lighthouse is also suitable for small groups of family, friends and hen nighters. We have a waterbed  and a couple of 4 poster beds,  all en-suite facilities, with colour TV, and tea/coffee making. All the rooms are wedge-shaped. A stone spiral staircase takes you to the first floor where all the letting rooms are.

Sorry to say that the Floatation Tank is not in use at the moment. Try a holistic therapy instead.  Sheer Heaven! 

 We also have a hot tub on the roof garden,  which has a ' holiday in the sun'  feel about it. You can relax there and watch the sun  at dawn or dusk or follow a group of shooting stars on their way down  There are barbecue facilities for anyone who wants to have a go. Great fun for groups. 

We do have a wedding licence for up to 25 people. We hope many wedding celebrations  would take place over a 2 or 3 day period!

We are a non smoking establishment. We can help you stop smoking in one hour,  if you really want to give up. Traumas,  fears  and phobias can be sorted out in one or two sessions with an Advanced Hypnotherapist..

We do have variety here. In September 2004, a 61 foot fin whale landed on our doorstep,  stranded unfortunately.  We do hear the occasional dolphins and porpoises,  and we have the great Severn Bore every year,  just about visible from the lighthouse.  Fishing is great as well.  The previous owner used to drop his line from the roof garden and get fresh fish for lunch!  Some guests go trout fishing in the village. Others love to have a barbecue on the roof garden, weather permitting.  Bring your guitar. Groups can have a sing song around a bonfire on the sea wall.  

We have 10 golf courses nearby, and of course the Celtic Manor hosted the Ryder Cup in 2010.   Cardiff is only 10 miles away,  with all its attractions:  new opera house,  stadium, theatre,  bay barrage & castle. Newport is 4 miles away, with its new Riverfront  Arts Theatre and the Transporter Bridge,  the largest of its kind in the world,  which can be seen from the lighthouse.

Frank is currently working on a device associated with  Electronic Voice Phenomena or ITC. We are hoping to hold a conference on this subject soon.   

Local farmers have made many UFO sightings near the lighthouse.   We have seen some strange activity in the sky but nothing scary.  The pictures below were taken in Dec. 2005 by Brodie. The other strange pictures are on the brochure page. However we are not haunted, just in case you wanted to know.

Star Gazing or Bird watching is fun here. We have had rare birds being spotted around the area  and we have just been told that we also have some very rare bumblebees, not to mention some protected flies! That's because we are in an area of Special Scientific Interest. There is also a bird sanctuary nearby. Their enquiry line is 0845 1306 229. 

We normally have a big swan conference around March every year when we get around 100 swans who would stay here for around  six weeks or so.  However we have a pair of swans who stay here all year round. 
The CABIN Room

We are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  We are on a site called www.responsibletravel.com. We are trying to acquire some land around the lighthouse so that we can start to plant more trees. We are interested in world peace and increasing abundance for everyone.  

We don't have a brochure, but we can send you a postcard picture of the Lighthouse.  We are open all year round,  except  two or three days at Christmas. Please bear in mind that the Lighthouse is  our home, a unique B&B and not a hotel or a spa. We are quaint,  " a touch ramshackle, but that adds to the charm.  There is a friendly Dalek in the hall for some reason! ", Sunday Times Dec 05.

We have been on many TV programmes including House Busters,  Our House and House to House, Coastal Living which is being turned into a book, HGTV throughout the USA & Canada in the "The World's Extreme Homes" in 2005.  We have also appeared in many glossy magazines over the years , including  a 5 page spread  in "Your Home" magazine in November 2005.  

We were in BUILD IT magazine, May 2007 in a 7 page feature,  also a short article in Grand Designs.

We are very fortunate to be in a lovely glossy book on "Discovering Welsh Homes" by architect/presenter Michael  Davies and published by Graffeg in 2007.

We have installed a 21ft Mongolian Yurt  which is now available for hire,  either for courses or for weddings.

We also have photos on www.redbubble.com/people/daniellesh if you wish to buy cards,  prints or posters.

We have partnered with a friend to sell Turkish properties. Our site is www.amazingturkishproperties.com.  Please browse through.

The lighthouse is also ideal for all sorts of short breaks- romantic, golf, hen nights, family reunion and more.  We are only a few minutes' drive to all the major golf courses in Gwent.  We are also not far from the Celtic Manor, hosts to the 2010 Ryder Cup.

We have a blogspot, so please visit and find out anything new about us. www.westusklighthouse.blogspot.com and we are in a new book of unusual hotels.www.gounusual.com/UnusualHotelsOfTheWorld.aspx

You can now view Five's Hotel Inspector on Freeview on Sky as well as Youtube and Channel 5's own website.

 We look forward to your stay with us.

Warmest regards,

Frank and Danielle Sheahan



A hen party having a good soak!

Please note that we are a quiet and relaxing place.  If we do have groups, or weddings,  the Lighthouse would be used solely by them. We would like to emphasise that we are a small B&B not a luxurious complex.

                The lighthouse experience is unique.  It is relaxing, different and distinct if you allow yourself to enjoy the ambience.  The building is nearly 200 years and was built as a place of work.

You need to be present to catch the flock of birds in formation,  the boats floating by,  the incredible image of the moon across the water or land, the odd cloud shapes,  the friendly cows that you can pat, the red or grey squirrel as they scurry about, the glorious daybreak as the light streams in, not forgetting the dreams that can manifest for you while you have recuperative sleep;  the storms with its lightning show,  the howling wind,  the cries of the birds as they hurry to safety, all add to that something special for you to enjoy,  not forgetting the tidal water as it swiftly comes in. When the tide is out, the colours are amazing too.

 Picture of the lighthouse before it was purchased by us.

Just after we bought it, below...

When we reinstated the Lamp Room in 1997




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