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QXCI-  A Quantum Machine designed to test & Heal many issues. Also used for Stop Smoking & Other  Addictions.  Please  click.



The QXCI is a fully computerised device which uses the body's bio-field to determine reactivity and deficiency to over 7000 items, including food, toxic substances, chemicals, cosmetic products, hormones etc. without any prompting from the practitioner, in less than 3 minutes. This is cutting edge technology at its best and the device is years ahead of its time. The system has one of the largest medical software in its program.

The QCI sends out homeopathic remedies in the form of frequencies to all layers of the body, physical,  mental,  emotional, and spiritual. The body accepts or rejects these remedies.  This gives the practitioner a report on which treatment might be suggested.

As well as producing reports for your doctor, dentist, other health practitioners, this device can send signals to re-balance the body's subtle energy fields. The Energy Scan /QXCI sends out auto-therapies such as rife, colour therapy, aura therapy, chakra cleansing, acupuncture without the needles, homeopathy in the form of frequencies, to help heal & balance the body.

3-5 sessions recommended for chronic issues.  It will read the mind and body, as well as relay information about  other people's issues which the clients are aware of. Traumas are often the main cause of dis-ease.  The feelings attached to these events can be released either with Hypnotherapy or the use of the QXCI. To get real benefit from a scan,  follow ups are important.

Full MOT or Body Scan: 90

A full body scan will check all organs, nutrition, risk factors, hormones, toxins, parasites, emotions, traumas, and much more. The consultation takes 2-3 hours and can be done at a distance. It includes re-balancing & advice.  A report can be printed out but we are aware that this might be mis-read by the clients,  so we tend to prefer direct contact and precis the result.  A plan of action is put into place, and to be successful,  needs to be followed.

Special Offer: 60 for a shorter version with little therapy involved.  Can be done at a distance.
All is required is a picture or a strand of hair.

Nutritional Analysis

Food, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Enzymes+                hormones+ therapy+ advice.

Allergy Testing

Food Intolerances, Toxic Substances, Fungus/Virus/ Bacteria, Parasites+ advice+ therapy

Dental Report

Scan of teeth for Dental Pathogens/pathology, Dental  Nutrition

Stress Therapy

Biofeedback, Anti-Ageing, Weight Control, Colour Therapy,   Smoking Cessation (250) etc. using QXCI therapy.

Follow ups: 50 per session. Can be done at a distance.

Checkout these sites for more information or do a search on QXCI.  This is an incredible healing machine,  which costs around 9-10k brand new. It can be bought for personal use.  Please ring Danielle on 01633 810126 if you would like a demonstration.




As with all complementary and alternative therapies,  you are advised to consult your GP or hospital consultant first. Do not give up your prescribed drugs. Both have a role to play in any recovery from poor health.  You also need to work on yourself:  try to understand yourself,  release all limiting beliefs and plan for a good future. 

Products for Good Health.  Check them out.

Most people who are under par,  need to take a good quality multi-vitamin with minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids.  The best product on the market that will give you all this in a bottle is ProVitamin from www.proimageteam.co.uk or call 0800 007 5918 and quote my ID 31676 (Danielle Sheahan). They will then give you your own ID. Cost is about 25 and this should last a month.

Check out www.mannatech.com for an amazing product that is said to help the body make new stem cells.  Excellent for degenerative illnesses such as Diabetes,  Arthritis, even Cancer.   Please quote my ID 24036.  Ambrotose costs about 56.


Do you suffer from bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, IBS, Diarrhea, belching, wind, mucous in stools, ulcers or blisters in mouth,  food intolerance, bad breath?

Is your skin bad? Do you have itchiness,  psoriasis, eczema,  acne, fungal nail condition, warts,  ringworm, thrush, athlete's foot?

Do you have vaginal problems,  such as burning, irritation, discharge,  endometriosis,  infertility, period pain, menstrual irregularities, PMS, thrush, loss of sexual feeling?  In men,  impotence, prostatitis.

Do you have cystitis, urgency to go, burning?

Do you have regular nasal congestion, sore throat, coughs, recurrent bronchitis, wheezing, ear infections, deafness,  dizziness,  loss of balance?

Do you feel weak physically?  Your joints, muscles are inflammed. You have numbness, tingling, burning sensation?

Do you suffer from fatigue,  lethargy, feeling drained, irritable, anxious, you do not sleep so well. You wake up depressed and deeply  unrefreshed. You have mood swings, poor memory and poor circulation.

Many people who suffer from Candida go on to develop ME,  Diabetes and become Hypothyroid.


Have you been checked by your doctor for Diabetes and Hypothyroid? If they can't find anything wrong with you,  then you most probably have an overgrowth  of this yeast.  Candida can travel from the gut,  to all parts of your body, including the brain. It is very debilitating. It grows into a mycelia fungus,  which puts down roots and spreads rapidly. These roots are able to penetrate the intestinal walls and the puncture allows undigested and toxins to escape into the blood stream,  therefore creating an immune response  by the body.  That's why we have food allergies and food sensitivities.  The body is trying to protect itself from the invaders.

Candida Albicans is a very unfriendly bacteria found in everyone's gut.  It will even survive after the host's death. Because of our highly processed diet,  with high sugar content,  the stress in our lives,  the antibiotics  and drugs we are on,  these have all led to this imbalance.


You should have a QXCI health Scan to put your mind at rest.

You should follow an anti-candida diet until the symptoms disappear.

You should take  supplements to boost your immune system.

You should learn to relax.

You should also look at why your body became unbalanced. Are there issues in your life that you need changing?  Do you need to re-visit your past to forgive?  Do you need to release negative feelings and traumas?

The last point is the most important, because once you have Candida,  you need to be vigilant,  unless of course, you  eradicate  the cause.

The QXCI will help you do all of the above.  You would need to commit to at least 3-5 sessions.  The machine will dictate the length of time between each session.  You can do the work yourself once you have the result,  but you can also do it the easy way.

Remember,  to clear  candida overgrowth is time consuming.  It won't disappear overnight. You will need persistence, motivation and patience.  The  QXCI will make it a lot less painful.  It will activate your body to fight the enemy,  it will help to heal you and it will allow you to release a lot of old feelings.

The QXCI can also help with other problems, physical, emotional and spiritual.

CANCER HOPE ( click for a story from WDDTY)

Many people recover from cancer.  It requires determination, a fighting spirit and an inner knowing that there is help in the ether, as well as diet, nutrition. The QXCI can help, so can  a course of Hypnotherapy to remove old emotional issues, alleviate pain &  re-balance Body, Mind & Spirit.

See supplements on the Therapy page for further information.

Hypnosis could banish hay-fever

Hay fever sufferers could benefit from using  self-hypnosis, researchers say.

A Swiss team at Basle University taught 66 people with hay-fever the art of  hypnosis and found it helped them alleviate symptoms such as runny nose. 
The volunteers also took their regular anti-hay-fever drugs, but the effect  of hypnosis appeared to be additive and reduce the doses they needed to take.  The findings appear in the medical journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. 
Full Article

_BBC NEWS | Health |  Hypnosis could banish hay-fever_
   Please look at the BBC site for more topics on Hypnotherapy

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