West Usk Lighthouse
Newport, Gwent.

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These are special lights which have been passed down from generation to generation through particular initiations. They have been used to heal others, heal chaotic situations, assist in achieving goals,  transformation, clearing energy in a house,  room, place and help to clear the aura.

These healing lights work with Prana and Chi, Thoughtforms, Ectoplasms,  Blueprints, Between the worlds, The Space-Time Continuum.  This means that dark or negative energy can be quickly and easily transmuted, for the good of the soul.  Sometimes people do not heal because they need certain life experiences,  but now as we are moving into a new dimension, karma can be released,  and it is ok to heal.

Healing is not always spontaneous,  because the body needs time to adjust and new organs,  skin, blood cells and othe cells in the body have to be made. This is something that we have to remember after we have had a healing;  not to have negative thoughts that we have not been healed, and that nothing took place and that we have wasted our time and money.  What this does is to cancel the good that has been done. We were given Free Will and when we exercise it, we have to accept the outcome.


About anything that stands in the way of us being who we are supposed to be. Through healing,  we are returning ourselves to our original blueprint.

These lights help with heart problems, depression, past life issues, low self esteem, possessions by spirits, vow removal, conflict in relationships, harmful growths, bacteria, viruses, toxins, parasites, colds, fat loss, skin conditions, complexes,  phobias, miasms, poverty, lack of consciousness, and lots more.

After a healing session, healees are asked to drink lots of water,  and eat more protein for the following two days. Sometimes a few sessions might be needed.

Cost: 45

Danielle Sheahan was initiated by Selena Rodriguez, a master teacher of the 24th generation in an unbroken lineage of Curanderos (master healers descended through initiation from the Mayans and Aztecs) 

Further information can be obtained from www.selenarodrigues.com


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