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Dr. Eric Pearl with Danielle Sheahan.  Paris 2003.

Eric,  an american chiropractor, is responsible for spreading Reconnective Healing. See www.thereconnection.com

You can survive Depression.  Don't be afraid to ask for help and advice. You need therapies that are safe, effortless and effective and where you don't need to talk endlessly about your personal problems.  Talking therapy is useless.


Break the cycle of Depression using

Find out if you are depressed.

Check out these signs.

  • Unable to have a good night's sleep,  over a period of time.

  • Turning inwards, incessantly going over the past or fears about the future.
  • Having lots of negative thinking.
  • Weepy.
  • Everything is black or white,  living in a black cloud.
  • Lethargic & forgetful.
  • Feeling lost, lacking purpose.
  • No passion in life,  difficulty in feeling close to others.
  • Enough energy to survive.
  • Lose temper easily and lack humour.

Please note that sometimes if you have blood sugar imbalances, or are Hypothyroid, you could also be feeling low. The signs would be the same but you may not have a lot of negative thinking.  Always check with your doctor first,  before trying our approach.



20% of women and 15% of men at this precise moment are suffering from depression.  25% of all full time working mothers with children under 13 are suffering right now. More single women than single men,  separated or divorced women are more likely to feel depressed than men in the same situation. That's quite staggering!




  • Depression is sometimes called the common cold of mental illness. It may come slowly, leaving feelings of sadness and despair,  inconsolable misery, and guilt that lasts for more than two weeks,  and will start to interfere with work,  and other duties, even eating and sleeping.


  • The other type may be milder,  but will last longer,  over two years,  and may eventually lead to full blown depression.  It is called Dysthymia,  which means ill-humour in Greek.  It will make life dull,  and grey and the feeling of sadness is all pervasive.


  • Severe depression requires medical help.  Remember,  it is so easy to come alive again with outside help. It is difficult to cure yourself when you are feeling hopeless and helpless.  There is also the risk of suicide




I recently attended a seminar in Bristol, on 'The way to break the cycle of Depression' by Joe Griffin,  organised by Mindfields,  a training organisation,  dedicated to changing the way we look at emotions  and traumas. Joe is  a well known Psychotherapist.  According to his research on Depression, he says, most cases can be sorted out in 6 weeks.  I am a Hypnotherapist and I know that many emotional problems  can be sorted out in 3-6 sessions.

His approach is called Human Givens,  i.e  what is given to us at birth.  As a living organism, we need nourishment,  and we have been given tools to extract this from our environment. You can see this  in our house plants;  if the conditions are right  the plant will thrive.  If it is wilting, we have to do something otherwise it will not survive. We have to  water it more often, feed it,  move it to another  window sill,  give it some love,  talk to it  and so on.  Humans are the same.  We need emotional support as well as  food and shelter. If the environment lacks this, then we become dysfunctional.


Depression is not a genetic illness. Studies show that we tend to be more depressed than people who live in communities. We have not yet been equipped to deal with the rapid changes taking place in the world. We feel powerless on so many levels. There is no support from the extended family set up. Families break up easily. We are emotional beings and we should not deny this important characteristic.  However many of us ignore these feelings, thinking that they will pass,  but evidence shows that they always catch up with us,  in the form of dis-eases. We have to take ownership and accept them first before laying them to rest.


Women have a higher tendency to get  depressed than men,  but men,  because they can't express their feelings are more likely to commit suicide.  It is so unfortunate that  children and teenagers are now suffering from depression. They suffer adversely from the side effects of drugs because their immune system cannot cope,  just like the elderly. Anti depressants can offer a breathing space for some people while the problem is being tackled, but  the cause of the dysfunction must be dealt with,  otherwise a relapse is more likely to happen. 


Prolonged daily stress leads to infections and hormonal imbalances. Your body finds it difficult to monitor your health,  the T-cell activity is reduced, and your immune response slows down.





Depression,  according to Joe Griffin, stems from two things:

        Lack of  quality sleep and

        An obsession with the past or the future. This could be because of a period of stress that has not been dealt with properly.


We work better on seven to eight hours of sleep. Night time our body goes through 4 cycles of brain frequencies. The rapid eye movement allows  the brain to scan the day's fears and anxieties and  then discharge a lot of emotional toxins.  We  wake up the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. When sleep is disrupted, or when we oversleep,  the brain either did not have a chance to finish this job or it used a lot of  energy,  which then makes us deficient in the day.  We wake up,  feeling unrefreshed,  tired and lethargic.  To get better,  we need to be able to re-set this sleep pattern.


When  we are depressed,  we live in a  prison,  unable to see daylight.  We think only in black and white. We live in the past or the future,  imagining the worst scenarios. Every time a negative thought pops in our head,  we are making another copy. Soon   we become overwhelmed by it all,  because our brain cannot release so much guilt,  hurt,  resentment,  anxieties, fears and so on. The hard drive of our brain becomes clogged up and  crashes. Sometimes we become numb and we cannot feel joy and  happiness in the way we were meant to.





Action should be taken to do the things which previously gave satisfaction. Negative thinking should be reversed,  traumas released,  psychological scars removed, diet  and  health  supplements encouraged..  That is all that is needed to get better.  There is no need to discuss  the past in great detail. Counselling or Psychotherapy will not give you what is needed in this case. It is advisable to concentrate in the now,  find out the needs  and take small steps. Get the skill that is lacking and see a miracle  happen before your very eyes.  This programme is also suitable for  Post Natal Depression, Bi-Polar problems,  grief,  Chronic Fatigue, PTSD & Fibromyalgia.





  • The first session,  I teach  mind relaxation and you have a CD rom  or tape to listen to at home. This will start to re-set the sleep pattern. The allergic reaction will start to subside. There will be more energy and the heaviness will slowly disappear.


  • The second session is  spent finding out what you really want and what has been stopping you from getting there. Any traumas are safely and easily released and discharged from the system.


  • By the third session , you will be a lot stronger, so more traumas will be laid to rest. By the fourth session,  any psychological scars and childhood issues will not have such significance,  as they are also removed in a safe manner.


  • The rest of the sessions are used to check and re-check  the work, also to focus in the now and create the support and  framework needed to become strong again. I use the QXCI,  a computerised quantum device to recommend food and health supplements. I re-educate the mind to think in a different way. By then,  you will not recognise yourself. You will have the skills and knowledge to help you move forward in your life and to make sure that you do not suffer a relapse.


I use Hypnosis  and life coaching. Hypnosis is a state that we need to go through everyday.  It is the daydreaming that we do without any conscious effort. We can  be watching TV, reading a  book, staring  blankly at something or when we drive our car effortlessly.  It is safe and  you are always in control,  you can come out of that state anytime. Self Hypnosis allows you to go in consciously. Suggestions and a number of techniques are used to achieve these objectives.  The rapid eye movement is activated in order to release negative feelings and install positive ones.




I am available to talk to anyone  who would like to break their  cycle of Depression. I charge 450. All you need is six sessions, 12 hours in total and within a month, you  would be activating a different mind set, and bringing  JOY back into your life.  It is that simple.


Also please remember that sometimes even though you are displaying the usual signs of depression,  you might think you are OK.  keep struggling for another day and you will be fine.  Another day will probably turn into a month  and a year   and before you know it is five years,  or otherwise  many have a full blown nervous breakdown. 





According to a new book out called " Making Happy People" by Paul Martin, He says that :

  • Happiness is good for you,  so don't be embarassed about making it your top priority.
  • Take a long-term view - there is much more to happiness than immediate pleasure.
  • Personal relationships are central to happiness.
  • Don't forget the body -  get plenty of sleep and exercise.
  • Be active and engaged- throw youself into meaningful pursuits.
  • Look outwards not inwards -  focus your attention on the world around you rather than your own thoughts and feelings.
  • Wealth and fame do not produce happiness - and chasing after them can lead to misery.
  • (Excerpt from the Daily Mail by A. Waugh)

These are pearls of wisdom,  but once the spiral has started,  it is difficult to be that objective,  that's when you need to ask for help. Hypnotherapy is a less demanding way to get connected again.




 Break the cycle of DEPRESSION   in   6 sessions!


Effective, Safe & Exciting programme


  • Learn to relax effortlessly
  • Reset your sleeping pattern
  • Activate your needs
  • Remove traumas and psychological scars
  • Use easy techniques to prevent relapses.
  • Rejuvenate your life.

 For the price of a weekend away,  gym membership,  birthday party,  hi-fi system, a computer, restaurant meals, unnecessary  clothes and shoes, expensive skin products, hairdressing, nail and beauty treatments, YOU could become a whole new person. Don't take chances with drugs. They only provide you with a breathing space.


Contact Danielle Sheahan on 01633 810126

B.A Hons, PGCE,  GHR, GQHP, IGPP, NHS Provider


Even Mild Depression can cause heart problems

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Using the QXCI to treat depression

 If you are not comfortable with Hypnosis,  then the QXCI will do the work for you.  Easy and effortless again.

Cost: 450 for 10 sessions.  The machine dictates the time of the next session.

Always take a good Multi Vitamin,  Vit B complex and C in any event.

Research on Depression

This is interesting but really the sample is too small to draw any conclusions from.  It also throws up a curious anomaly.  The 15  depressed people in the control group who stopped medication and  psychotherapy to go swimming (*without* dolphins) for a fortnight also got  better.  It looks like the medication and psychotherapy was doing them less  good than going on holiday for a couple of weeks.  Best, Don
Dolphin therapy fights depression

Swimming with dolphins appears to help alleviate mild to moderate  depression, researchers have found. 
A University of Leicester team tested the effect of regular swimming sessions  with dolphins on 15 depressed people in a study carried out in Honduras.  They found that symptoms improved more among this group than among another 15  who swam in the same area - but did not interact with dolphins.  The study is published in the British Medical Journal. [...]
Half the volunteers swam and snorkelled around dolphins for one hour a day  over a two-week period.  The others took part in the same activities, but without dolphins around. Two weeks  later, both groups showed improved mental health, but especially so among  patients who had been swimming with the dolphins.
_BBC NEWS | Health | Dolphin  therapy fights depression_
Donald  Robertson Senior Clinician Hypnotherapist  (NCH)
Registered Psychotherapist (UKCP)  Nov. 2005

This research does not tell us how long the improvement lasted.  If going on holiday can change your perception,  think what you can achieve with Hypnosis, the power of your the mind.

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