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A flotation tank is a light proof, sound insulated shell enclosing a 10" depth of highly saline solution, upon which one floats without effort. The filtered solution is kept at skin temperature and the combination of warm water, quiet and darkness combine to create a pleasant sensation of floating in space. All distractions of the normal, everyday world are left behind in the smoothing environment of the tank, which provides what is known as a 'restricted environment'. Researchers have been exploring restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T) for almost 30 years.

The water is extremely buoyant due to a high concentration of Epsom salts. The salt water supports your body completely, requiring absolutely no effect to float even for people who normally have trouble keeping afloat. It allows you to float weightless on the surface in total relaxation. The Epsom Salts also stops the skin crinkling and has a well-known beneficial effect on the skin, joints and muscles.

While you float, your body produces beta endorphins,  which make you feel good. Toxins are extracted through the pores of the skin and your body will feel cleansed from inside out.  It is just an amazing experience!

Regular use of the tank helps to alleviate mental stress, physical pain and tension. The long-term effects include relief from anxiety, depression and  the chronic fatigue so often associated with these conditions.

Floating is also very beneficial for pregnant women and their babies. Arthritis sufferers find that their muscles can actually relax while they are lying on the surface of the water. Dr John Lilley,  the pioneer of floatation therapy experienced many altered states while in the tank.  Read his book,  "The centre of the cyclone"  and Michael Hutchinson's book " The book of floating." 

Benefits of floating

Sports People

Deep muscular relaxation.
Accelerates healing in injuries

Business People

Complete physical and mental de-stressing.
Regenerates energy levels


Stimulates creativity
Promotes clarity of thought process


All of the above!

Cost : £38 per float (1 Hour)

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