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Advanced Hypnotherapy

Danielle Sheahan B.A Hons, PGCE,  Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy.

Reiki level 3, Biofeedback & Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Rejuvaslim Consultant. Light Language Practitioner.

Fully Insured with The Embody and Listed with the General Hypnotherapy Register(1146) with a General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice.  NHS Provider (8SW56).  NHS Directory for Practitioners.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses Hypnosis,  which is a state of day dreaming, to change behaviour patterns. It is safe, and effortless.

Many studies have been carried out to find out  the effectiveness of Hypnosis. They all conclude that we can awaken the power within with a little visualisation,  under expert guidance. Nothing dangerous can happen,  because we are in that state five or six times a day.  We need to release stress and that is how the brain does it.  We enter into a very deep relaxed state when we sleep.  Hynosis is not sleep but heightened awareness where we can change things that we don't like in a conscious manner.  The hypnotised peson is always in control,  can wake up anytime,  just like when you approach a red light while driving and you were in a trance  and suddenly have to  brake.

What problems can be fixed with Hypnotherapy?

Hynosis can help with  Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Painless Childbirth, IBS, Skin Complaints, Migraines, Depression, Addictions, Nail Biting,  Vaginismus, Self Harm, Insomnia,  Fears, Exam Nerves, Sports Performance, Increased Productivity, Speed Reading, Instant Recall, Relationships, Grief, Traumas, Emotional Turmoil, Confidence,  Self Esteem, Pain Control, Post Trauma and many others.

What is advanced Hypnotherapy?

Advanced Hypnotherapy finds the root of the problem and does not rely on suggestions. We are trained to find the cause very quickly,  remove the offending emotion and install empowering beliefs. The Subconscious Mind knows what to do the instant it realises, that positive changes have to be implemented. Traumas  can be released in one session,  so can phobias.  Stop Smoking can be done in one hour! 

You can reverse so many negative emotions and feelings in 3-5 hours!  Imagine what our life can be like without those niggling pests  that drive us crazy and ruin our lives,  break up our relationships,  and make us bitter and unhealthy.

The main reason why we become ill, is when our body is so stressed,   it finds it difficult to discharge toxins.  The liver has a massive job to do,  and so stores toxins in our fat cells and organs,  until it finds the time to de-toxify,  but unfortunately when we don't relax,  it cannot do this.

What is involved?

The first session allows  you to experience a deep state of relaxation. The second session is where all the work is done  and the other sessions are used to check this work and make sure that the Subconscious  Mind keeps its side of the bargain.  It is that easy.  Relaxation is a must,  mentally and physically.

Some people actually go into past lives to re-live traumas which were not dealt with. It does not really matter if the mind makes up these stories,  so long as it helps with present day problems. Every one who wants to be hypnotised will be able to experience this wonderful feeling of total relaxation.  They do say that subjects who go into trance easily, can make changes easily in their lives; they have better communication with their subconscious mind and can have easier lives.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies.  A programme is 450 for up to 6 sessions and 12 hours  work. A single session is 60. Stop Smoking is 250 for those who are ready to give up or 450 for those with underlying problems. Free Consultation available.

BREAK THE CYCLE OF DEPRESSION IN 6 SESSIONS!  Click for further information.

Effective & Exciting programme

  • Learn to relax effortlessly
  • Reset your sleeping pattern
  • Activate your needs
  • Remove traumas and psychological scars
  • Use easy techniques to prevent relapses.
  • Rejuvenate your life.

Cost:  450 



Special programme to help you function as you were meant to do. Techniques to empower you and rejuvenate you. These include:

  • Learning to relax deeply
  • Finding what your real needs are
  • Removing negative thoughts, ideas  and feelings
  • Releasing traumas
  • Replacing them with positive and empowering suggestions
  • Connecting you to your powerhouse
  • Three life coaching sessions to make sure you keep your promises

Cost of package:  450

RECONNECTIVE HEALING & THE PERSONAL RECONNECTION. Buy  Dr. Eric Pearl's book "Heal Others, Heal Yourself"  from


Stop Smoking in one session! Click for further info.

Only if you really want to
95% success rate with the Valerie Austin Technique
No weight gain.
No cravings

250.  Free back up.

Personally trained by Valerie Austin, top Hypnotherapist,

author of
"Stop Smoking in One Hour"

Free Consultation to assess  whether you are ready to stop.

 See further info on www.hypno-works.co.uk


Allergy Testing with Quantum device. Click for further information

Feeling unwell ?
Safe, quick and painless test and therapy.
Cutting edge technology.

Test over 4000 items in 3 mins!
Computerised system
Developed by brilliant scientist

3-5 sessions required, unless you want a Health MOT,

which is one session.

Cost per session: 60, follow ups at 50.



This is a Four Week 2 hour Programme to help you slim forever.

This is a group experience.

You will be shown:

  • How to achieve a deep relaxation state.
  • Hypnotic Suggestions will be given for  a healthy diet/ exercise.
  • How to detox and remove worms and other pathogens from your system.
  • You will be given recipes to follow,  an allegy test will highlight  any food sensitivities.
  • You will then re-establish a healthy eating pattern.
  • Emotional hang-ups will be dealt with  and be got rid of fast!

The price includes an allergy scan, CD, a manual and recipes.

Please ring for venue and dates.

Total price: 250

REJUVASLIM Click for further information

 is a detox weight loss programme, which uses micro electric currents to remove toxins from fat cells, drains them through the lymphatic system. Also tones and shapes body. 

Average weight loss over a month: 10 lbs

540 for a course of 12 sessions

CD's for sale

CD's to help you with  Weight Control, Stop Smoking,

Thyroid Balance, Diabetes, IBS, Painless Childbirth and others.

Coming soon.  Watch this space.

Cheques, cash and all credit cards accepted.

Please Note: These therapies are complementary and you are  advised to consult your GP or medical practitioner if you have a chronic health issue.


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