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Article from the Daily Mail- Tues 10th January 2006

Hypnotherapy helps beat IBS

Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome can be halved with hypnotherapy and the effects can last for years,  according to a study.

The aim of the therapy, carried out at the University Hospital of South Manchester,  teaches patients hypnotic skills that allow them to control the working of the gut.

Reaearchers from the U.S concluded that the treatment has a substantial therapeutic effect.

Article from BBC website on 11th June 2007. Click here. to see a copy.

Eating a sensible diet,  reducing stress,  and removing as many negative beliefs as possible can make a huge change to your life.  A simple visualisation technique under hypnosis can improve your gut performance.

THE IBS PROGRAMME- 7 sessions- 1-2 hours each

1.  An allergy test on the QXCI. Review  nutrirional  needs.

2.  Teach relaxation skills. CD to take home.

3.  Hypnosis to find real cause of problem.

4.  Remove negative emotions. Improve Self Esteem.

5.  Suggestion to improve behaviour of the Gut.

6.  Skills for everyday use.  

7.  Reconnective Healing to re-balance Self.   

Cost: 420  However one session may well help you partially heal yourself.   

Article by Duncan Crow, a QXCI practitioner in America.  March 2006

IBS is a disorder of the upper intestine; sometimes caused by a
stricture, usually a chronic infection.

A pathogen fluorish there is called SIBO, an acronym for Small
Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth. Science shows us that 96% of IBS
and IBD patients have an incorrect bacterial overgowth called
bowel or intestinal dysbiosis or dysbacteriosis somewhere in the
intestine. It's not H. Pylori but a cocktail of many species
fighting it out in there.

In any case, Phil is close by suggesting probiotics; however,
probiotics only work (somewhat) while you're taking them. Stop
taking them and often, in about four days all those symptoms
return; this is a well known attribute of probiotic

That's essentially a failure in the therapy; it occurs because
probiotics only represent a starter culture. A starter culture
has to be actively working the food in order to divide, form
colonies and outcompete on the bowel wall, issue antibacterials
and anticancer enzymes and short chain fatty acids.

Beneficial probiotic bacteria have specific needs. What's missing
is FEEDING these bacteria because of a dietary deficiency of
inulin, an indigestible soluble fiber. About 3/4 to 4/5 of the
inulin required to support a healthy bowel ecology is deficient
in nearly eveyone's diet, because people are eating too many
carbohydrates and not nearly enough high-inulin vegetables.

So,,,, regardless of whether one chooses the expensive probiotic
capsules, you still need to feed them to activate them, and if
you choose to feed your own starter culture you don't need the
probiotics at all. Even antibiotic-associated diarrhea can be
dissipated with inulin alone.

Conversely, feeding your gut ecology with carbohydrates (natchos
and potato chips, corn, potatoes, grain, gravies, starch,
pancakes etc) favours the growth of pathogenic organisms to
fluorish over the probiotic ones. These bad bacteria work easy
carbs faster and do much better on them than the beneficial
bacteria do. This scenario created by the modern diet is the
opposite of the conditions that allowed us to survive and evolve
the bowel ecology we have today; it completely upsets that

Point of fact is that inulin-containing foods were used by the
ancient Greeks 2,000 years ago, and the Chinese 3,000 years
before that, to correct exactly the same bowel problems when they

We know more specifics today; for example, when dysbiosis exists
for just a little while candida begins to thrive in the bowel,
responding to a favourable condition, and you HAVE to go on a
carb-restricted diet to get rid of this persistent (and fatal)
infection. Leaky gut results also in only a few months as Phil

The second thing that happens is that the condition produces
physical toxin stressors; this as well as the carbs you eat
directly suppresses the immune system. This is made worse by the
emerging leaky gut condition allowing inflammation-causing
bacteria and food particles into the bloodstream. Leaky gut
reactions pre-empt immune response and draws the body's energies
low by essentially monopolising the immune system's attention.

So, people with IBS, Crohn's and colitis must all attend also to
leaky gut and candida fluorish.
An anti-candida diet with inulin
supplements, and standard leaky gut therapy is what's required

There's about a week's worth of scientific reading on the
importance of inulin in the diet on my website; you can find it
in a Google search on "inulin references". This is the most
comprehensive online site on this subject with more than 200

Further, you might want to know that the Myth that IBS is caused
somehow by stress has been dispelled. See below.

Point is, regardless of whatever else you do, your bowel's
biological requirement is not adequately met without the dietary
inulin being at least 10 grams daily.

I've helped more than 800 people who had bowel disorders.


IBS symptoms not caused by stressful events

Stressful situations do not trigger symptoms of inflammatory
bowel disease, results of a Spanish study show

However I do believe that stress reduction is a must for a balanced and healthy life. Any illness is a cue that something is not quite right internally. That's where Self Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy can help the body and mind to work together. A strong immune system will not allow discomfort of any kind,   let alone the bad bacteria to thrive. Visualisation is an important tool in the way we communicate with our subsconscious mind, that part of us who looks after our inner self.  Duncan and the reseach above have failed to look at past stress and its effects on the body.

Danielle Sheahan has been trained by 2 medical doctors on how to treat IBS patients using Hypnosis.  Psych-K Techniques can also be very effective for IBS,  MIgraines and ME.



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