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Some of us have a gut feeling that we have lived before.  Others feel that we have some unfinished business in some previous lives. There must be a purpose as why we are here,  otherwise life would seem to be worthless.  What is the point of overcoming challenges after challenges if we are not to reap the reward somehow.  Many would say that we leave our knowledge to our children.  we procreate and so on.

But those who believe that we are more than our physical body and mind  know that there is a part of us that is eternal,  that does not age, that comforts us when we are down, that will always travel with us. We may call this part the Subconscious Mind,  our soul,  our spirit, the God in us. 

There is adequate evidence to suggest that there is life after death.  Many have researched near death experiences. Mediums bring information that only the loved ones of those who have departed could have known.  Many eminent scientists are involved in trying to contact people who have passed on, to actually communicate with them.

What is the purpose of going back to a previous life?

Again research on this subject has shown that it helps many to understand why they have a fear,  phobia,  have relationship difficulties, have been abused,  or can't seem to live life to the full. 

Going back can bring a lot of information that the conscious mind can process, even if it is made up on the way. Negative feelings seem to dissolve, there is a greater understanding of the problem. Many are amazed as to what has been hidden from them for so long.

What is involved ?

You need an emotional hook to go back,  so that you can bring back information that will help you to understand why you have this problem.

You will need to be relaxed,  so you will be shown how to do this.

You will need permission from your subconscious mind. Sometimes this is blocked when you are not ready.

The memory will come as if you are dreaming,  but you will be doing this vividly. The conscious mind seeing what is behind a problem will find strategies to sort it out.  However you may want to have further therapy after your session to tie up any loose ends

Cost:  60

Not suitable for those who suffer from epilepsy, or mental disorders and is not a sustitute for medical help. 

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