West Usk Lighthouse
Newport, Gwent.

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Welcome to RejuvaSlim

The world's only guaranteed
weight & inch loss programme...

We can enhance your life through:

  • RejuvaSlim- for weight loss
  • RejuLift- non surgical facelift
  • Rejuvalite- cellulite treatment
  • Rejuvalymph- lymphatic drainage
  • Herbal Supplements- for weight loss

New clients are friends we haven't met yet, and at RejuvaSlim we never offer any treatment to our friends unless we are confident it works.

Set in the tranquil surroundings of West Usk Lighthouse, Newport, RejuvaSlim invites you to relax, revitalise and rebalance your mind and body, whilst enjoying our private and confidential one-to-one weight-loss detoxification programme.

RejuvaSlim is different from all other treatments that are on the market today, providing our bodies with complete nutrition, complemented with regular treatments which safely breaks down these calcified toxins, speeds up their removal, along with providing lymphatic drainage. We have had amazing results on top of weight-loss; success of either reducing, improving or eliminating asthma, eczema, blood pressure, IBS, migraine, to mention but a few, and even excellent results of fat reduction from a clients liver.

How does RejuvaSlim achieve weight-loss?

The RejuvaSlim weight-loss technique is based on holistic dietetics, purposely designed to rebalance the body and actually allow it to heal itself. RejuvaSlim focuses on the internal congestion within our bodies, caused by the annual build up of calcified toxic wastes. Year on year this toxic waste gradually forces our bodily systems to become more sluggish and inefficient, making permanent weight-loss a more unachievable goal the older we become.

Why is the centre of my body black?

In today's society our daily eating habits are such that we eat on a virtually continuous basis, never allowing our body the sufficient time it needs to digest the last meal before snacking, drinking or beginning another one. Food digestion is a primary function of the body and therefore our system is programmed to store the half digested food from the last meal into fat cells and to return later to complete the digestive process. Unfortunately in our modem society of continuous snacking we never give our bodies the time to physically digest that previous meal, so it is permanently stored as fat. Imagine - it can take up to 16 hours to digest a steak. When was the last time you fasted for that long? The increase of chemical additives in our daily diet has also contributed to the excess toxins in our bodies. Today even our table water is a cocktail of chemicals and with the introduction of GMfoods the damage to our bodies continues.

How can RejuvaSlim reverse this condition?

RejuvaSlim is a completely natural, medically approved method of weight-loss, which will effectively remove years of calcified toxic waste whilst cleansing, detoxifying and rebalancing your body and actively encouraging the healthy functioning of its systems. There are no drugs, liquids or powdered products involved. No chewy food bar substitutes, no fasting or starving, absolutely no calorie counting and no vigorous exercise. Just your own body rebalancing its mechanisms.

How soon will I lose weight?

Weight-loss is fast. Very fast! RejuvaSlim regenerates your whole body. Your skin and hair becomes healthier and even your eyes are noticeably brighter. Clients notice increased energy levels, improved clarity of thought and generally feel more relaxed and better equipped to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

How long does the RejuvaSlim programme take?

One month - imagine years of digestive abuse reversed in just one month. What is more, unlike the quick water-loss associated with most slimming methods, with RejuvaSlim you regain your previous shape and return to a more svelte, youthful you.

And for the sceptics...

RejuvaSlim are very aware of the empty promises made by the diet marketplace today. We know you are disillusioned with 'fad' diets and so, as our commitment to you, we give you our promise that if you do not lose a minimum of TEN POUNDS IN WEIGHT IN THREE TO FOUR WEEKS and a massive inch loss, we will work with you until you do. Statistics show that the weight loss can range from 10lbs to 33 lbs in one month!

So now you have nothing to lose but your weight!

Stage 4: Week 1
The large area of black shows the body is heavily congested and in a toxified state...

Stage 3: Week 2
Within the space of a week the area is starting to decongest...

Stage 2: Week 3
The increasing amount of blue indicates an almost rebalanced system...

Stage 1: Week 4
Success ! The large area of blue clearly shows healthy, rebalanced system.

6 months later
This shows that the digestion is working better than ever, after six months, which is why 93%, of RejuvaSlim clients do not put the weight back on again


Lose 10-33 in 30 days
Especially designed To help you detox, Lose inches Lose weight, & Tone up. All in one go!

No calorie counting. Eat more than normal. No exercise. No pills. Safe, painless, Very relaxing Non-invasive

A complete Detox and Rejuvenating experience.

. The RejuvaSlim machine works on removing plague (cemented toxins), from the digestive system. It drains the toxins away, tones the body & rejuvenates from within each time you have a treatment. A scan of your body is taken to show you the state of your stomach & colon before and after.

. Examples of Toxins are pesticides, food additives, hormones in chicken, fish, and meat, prescribed drugs, air pollution, asbestos fumes, fermented and undigested food, stress etc..

. We store these toxins in our fat cells because the body does not have time to deal with them.The fat cells expand as they take in more and more toxins. The blood vessels carrying food and oxygen get squashed, and cannot do their jobs properly. Similarly the waste products can't be taken away, so fermentation in the gut results, causing blockages, pain, ill health and misery.

. If food and food supplements are not readily absorbed, the immune system is affected, hence we get food intolerances, chronic illnesses, we can't cope with stress, we feel
mentally and physically fatigued.

. We know that regular dieting restricts the body, causing considerable damage to our cells. Most pills have side effects or have not been adequately researched. Exercise does not always reduce weight or remove cemented toxins. Most weight loss comes water and muscle loss not fat stores. RejuvaSlim shifts the fat out of your system and shapes the body, bringing you youth, health and energy.

RejuvaSlim is a unique Detoxifier -

A course of 12 treatments is required. Cost: 540 + 40 for the pads.

However shorter programs are available. You could detox for a week or for a fortnight.

With RejuvaSlim, if you fail to lose 10 Ibs in a month, drop down one dress or suit size, or enjoy some health benefit, we will work with you until you do.

Not suitable for pregnant women or anyone with metal pins or pacemakers,or those who have recently undergone an operation.

RejuvaSlim is popular with many celebrities, and many magazines have raved about this therapy... Seen in M Sunday Mirror, Bella, Daily Express, Woman's Home, Health & Fitness, Daily Mail, Close, OK, Black Beauty. Cherie Blair is said to be really delighted with her treatment. She has lost a stone and dropped down one size.

Comments from RejuvaSlim Clients.....

"This has been the most powerful experience of my life with the exception of yoga."
Anton Simha, Celebrity Yoga Teacher

"I have lost an incredible 7% stone and an amazing 85 1/2 inches in 3 months!"
Cary Evans

"RejuvaSlim got rid of IBS, a distressing complaint that had made my life a misery."
Bridget McCarthy

"My blood pressure has returned to normal - which I and the doctor are so pleased with. I have lost 3 stone and 53 inches in 2 months. I feel like an new person, thank you so very much"
Peter Turner

"You make a promise about what the programme will do and you actually achieve it."

"I was given a simple meal plan to follow that didn't need any tablets, chewy bars or special drinks. It was just normal everyday healthy food."
Juli Carpenter

"Thanks girls, I feel great. I have lost 16lbs and 35 1/2 inches in three weeks! You made it fun and easy. Thanks again for all the help and encouragement".
Margaret Hall



As fantasic as RejuvaSlim is for the body, RejuvaLift is for the face!

This program is designed to lift and tone, improving the skin condition and elasticity to the facial muscles and skin.

This treatment is best done as an intensive course, incorporating three imcomparable massages designed to lift, tone and redefine your skin, improving elasticity and strengthening the facial muscles.

2 hour, individual session 65.00
Course of 6 390.00
1 hour 15 min, individual session 45.00
Course of 6 270.00

Expect you husband / wife not to recognise you!

"I've never had a facial like it. It's addictive!"
Tracey Holland

"I've never had a facial that's totally changed my face after only one treatment"
Rosemary Finch

Cellulite treatment

An amazing new cellulite treatment. So invigorating it's wonderful on its own!

Hot Towels, Salt Scrub, Body Brush, Cellulite Module Massage, then Machine treatment, legs only - and a Four Hands massage with RejuvaLite anti-cellulite cream.

It's addictive and gets rid of celulite!

1 hour 15 mins - 60.00


- herbal programme for those who can't attend three sessions a week

The RejuvaLite system is a one-month program, which contains 84 packs of herbs that
are taken three times a day. There is also an information manual and our Rejuvenation diet. F.A.Q. sheet. A product content and benefit sheet.


What does the product do?

Rejuvalite herbs activate the body's cleansing and regenerative processes They work
by cleaning the blood of toxic waste. These wastes find their way into the blood stream when our eliminatory organs become overworked. When we clean the blood; the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs and skin are able to return back to full power. Which not only return us to health but also keeps us healthy longer.

Is your product VALUE FOR MONEY?

Many years have been dedicated to these products; Rejuvalite is a top quality product. All the herbs are top grade and have been independently tested to ensure they contain the active ingredients. They have all under gone many tests to ensure they are free of radiation, e-coli, salmonella, yeast, fungus, moulds, and other harmful bacteria's. You can feel confident that you are ingesting a top quality, clean and active food source. Which will quickly and significantly improve your health, increase your energy levels and help you lose a lot of weight. With products being withdraw from well-known high-street shops that's an assurance worth having. You have an information booklet and a unique diet. Nutritionists usually charge 150.00 for a diet so perhaps look on it, as the
herbs are free. It is not a week or two-week program but a one-month journey back to health. There are so many quality herbs in our product just look at the product content. We believe rejuvalite to be outstanding value for money.

Why do I have to take so many tablets?

These are not tablets or pills. They are a food source that gives our depleted bodies a nutritional reward. Each contains a different herb that works on a different part of our body. They are more powerful when they^work synergistically to achieve their health giving benefits.

When we eat a meal we don't only eat the meat by itself or the rice or me vegetables. It is normal to eat them all together in (lie right balance. This is me same principle with rejuvalite.

Are there any contra-indications with rejuvalite?
Yes, you may not take our product if you are pregnant or nursing.
Any abdominal pain, or a high fever.
It is not advisable for children to follow this program.

Will I feel unwell on this program?

It is possible that in the first three days of the program you can experience some of the following sensations. Headache, tiredness, nausea, excess mucus, sweating, skin rash, diarrhoea and head fog. All these symptoms are normal and part of a healing crisis. The body is eliminating years of toxic waste from your body, which is only beneficial. It is not necessary to have any of these symptoms in order for the program to work but one
or to of them is possible. People that give up caffeine will also suffer similar symptoms. During this period water is your best friend. We recommend that you start either on the weekend or whenever you a not so busy. By the third day you will come out of your healing crisis feeling absolutely fantastic.

What do I do if I want to continue after one month?
Contact us and we will give you information on our follow up pack.

Product contents

Atractvlodes rhiwme - amylase - Arginine - barberry - buckthorn - black walnut - burdock root - bupleurm root - barley grass - bee pollen - cascara sagrada - catnip - chickweed - cyani flower - Slippery Elm - Safflowers - dandelion - fenugreek - gentian - goldenseal - Glycine - irish moss - myrrh - Oregon grape - parthenium - uva ursi - yellow dock psyllium hulls - cinnamon twig - dang gui root - fushen - ginger rhizome licorice root - panax ginseng root - peony root - pinellia rhizome - scute root - zhishi fruit - capsicum - couch grass - ginger - licorice - red clover turkey rhubarb - cellulose - glucoamylase - lipase - pectinase - protease - gotu kola - kelp - rose hips - Siberian ginseng - schizandra - fennel - hawthorn - papaya - parthenium - Proline - chromium - garcinia - l-carnitine - magnesium state - silicon dioxide.

All capsules are in a gelatine and water base.

Benefits of products

Powerful in facilitating weight loss. Increases the body fat burning process. Promotes lean muscle tissue. Enhances skin lone, heals damaged (issues. Improves joint function and strength. Supports the collagen structures of the body. Helps relieve liver congestion, restores normal liver functions, increases the flow of bile and promotes the elimination of toxic wastes. Strengthens the immune system. Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria. Promotes better assimilation of nutrients. Cleanse the blood ot impurities. Destroys and eliminates many parasites living in the body. Alkalinises the body. Dissolves and gets rid of layers of waste accumulated in the colon which block peristaltic movement. Increase the production of digestive fluids. Stimulate the colon and promote elimination. Enhances the detoxifying and eliminative functions of the liver, colon and kidneys. Helps fight chronic constipation. Stimulates secretions in the entire digestive system including the liver, gallbladder, stomach and pancreas. Improves stamina. Stimulates circulation to promote healing. Improves digestion. Reduces nervous tension. Inhibit fat production. Encourages the burning of fat for energy. Decreases appetite. Maintains balanced blood sugar levels.. Stimulates urine flow to reduce water retention. Reduces cravings for sweets. Relieves inflammation. Strengthens the nerves. Provides the body with a rich supply of essential nutrients to increase well being. Lowers blood pressure and aids in the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Protects lung tissues from free radical damage. Helps breakdown cholesterol build-up. Assist in the digestion of all food groups.

For your complimentary consultation, free thermographic body scan and for further details on RejuvaSlim, and all the other treatments, like; RejuvaLift, RejuvaTone, RejuvaLymph and RejuvaLite please call us on : 01633 810126 / 815860

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