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  • You can STOP SMOKING IN ONE HOUR if you really want to!
  • Why did you smoke? Why do you smoke now?
  • Is smoking a habit or an addiction?
  • Do you need willpower to be a non-smoker?
  • Who will benefit if you give up smoking?
  • What are your worst fears if you don't give up?
  • What are your irrational fears if you do give up right now?
  • What if you are not ready?  What can you do to help you make that decision?  Find out more. Click on link for:-

QXCI -Bioresonance therapy

Group Therapy

    Advanced Hypnotherapy

Change Your Perception



Smoking kills over 120,000 people in the UK every year, i.e over 335 die each day. A new study suggests that 1 billion people will die in this century,  from the effects of smoking,  compared to 100m  who died last century. 

Cigarettes contains more than 4000 chemical compounds and at least 600 toxic substances, among these, 60 are known to be carcinogen. Tar is one of the major causes of lung cancer. Just smoking a year can leave as much tar as a cupful in your lungs! Carbon Monoxide reduces the oxygen level in your body by 15%. Nicotine is a poisonous alkaloid found in tobacco and is used in insecticides and belongs to the deadly nightshade family. Its effects are disastrous, especially on your cholesterol, clogging up your arteries.

When you inhale a cigarette, the heat at the tip is at 700 degrees Celsius   and about 60 degrees at the core! This heat  breaks down the tobacco to produce various poisons  and the residues are concentrated towards the butt.  However the smoke streams are more lethal than actually inhaling  the cigarette! Now you understand why passive smoking kills  and causes ill health in thousands of people every year.

  • You may be telling yourself that life is short  and your ciggies give you a lot of pleasure right now. Now let's say, you think about the sort of death a smoker faces.  it will definitely be a lingering and a very painful death,  Morphine  will not be able to give you relief. The symptoms will appear bearable at first, breathlessness,  coughs,  phlegms, frequent colds  and flu, then the serious stuff will start,  frequent visits to the GP, referrals to hospital consultants,  and hey presto! you have  this incurable disease.  How could this be?  You may not die but may instead become an invalid.

You may also say to yourself that everyone has to die. Every smoke you have shortens your life by an average ten minutes. Give some thought to the suffering and pain that you may have to face, paralysed as a result of a  stroke, cancer, amputation etc.. That won't be a quick death.

If you have a family,  don't think about the effects your illness and death will have on them.  You will leave a legacy of turmoil, trauma and future ill health  for your children. This is not fair on them.  Be responsible. Your illusion is their reality.

Ex-smokers can look forward to a healthier old age than smokers. They will enjoy life with their children and grand children.  What about you?

Smoking causes cancer of the oesophagus and mouth,  cancer of the kidneys, pancreas, bladder   and the cervix as well as lung cancer.  There's coronary thrombosis,  stroke,  atheroma, high blood pressure,  ulcers,  fertility problems  etc.. but the good news is YOU CAN STOP SMOKING RIGHT NOW, if you really want to.

There are now 8 million ex-smokers in the UK.  Stress does not make you smoke. You smoke because it is a habit rather then an addiction. You may think that you are addicted therefore it is difficult to give up. If you are addicted,  you will not be able to go without a ciggie when you are ill,  in bed, go to the cinema or fly in an aeroplane etc. In order to be smoke free you would need to look at why you are addicted,  the root cause and so on. However  if it is a habit, you can give it up easily in one hour of Hypnotherapy! 

Suggestion Therapy alone has a 30-60%  success rate,  whereas Advanced  Hypnotherapy which uses a number of techniques has a 95% chance of succeeding.  I use the latter.


In a major study carried out by the New Scientist in 1992, the success rate was:

94% with Hypnotherapy 

30% with Breathing,

29%  with Aversion Therapy,

25% with Acupuncture, 

20% with Nicotine patches, 

10% Nicotine gum,

6% with Willpower!

You know that drug companies want you to try their stuff,  but you must be aware of the great risks involved.  Many have died as a result of taking ZYBAN or felt awful on patches or gum.  They will also tell you that you need will power. Don't believe them,  you have a mind that is more powerful than the most technologically advanced computer in the world. Hypnotherapy allows you to tap into this massive powerhouse and achieve the impossible.  Hypnosis is safe, effective, and easy. You have to enter this state several times a day so that your body and mind can be harmonised.


  • Smoking related illnesses kill over 120,000 people in Britain every year, that is 14 deaths per hour!
  • In the 50 years to 2000, tobacco related diseases have killed over 60 million people.
  • Smoking causes 50 different illnesses and 20 ways of killing you.
  • 264,000 smokers are admitted to NHS per annum.
  • It costs the NHS 1.7b a year.
  • Smoking wastes 8 million consultations every year.
  • A third of all cancer deaths are attributable to smoking.  Really not a nice way to die.
  • A smoker wastes more than 30,000 over a life time. All this money goes up in smoke! What an investment for the tobacco companies.  


8 hours                   Blood oxygen levels return to normal.

24 hours                 Carbon Monoxide has left your body

48 hours                 Sense of taste and smell begin to improve

72 hours                 Breathing becomes easier.  Energy levels increase

5 days                     Nicotine addiction is no more

2-12 weeks             Circulation starts to improve

3-9 months             Coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing improve

1 year                     Risk of a heart attack falls to about half of a smoker

10 years                  Risk of lung cancer falls to about half of a smoker

After 15 years, the risk of heart attack falls to the same level as someone who  has never smoked.  


You are not if:

  • You think that the cost is too much. Sometime the cost helps you to become more determined to follow the instructions given while under Hypnosis. Because you are paying more than the average,  you will come back if you need a booster.
  • You are not aware of the money that you are spending. Think of the saving that you are going to make,  you will be able to save over 1250 a year  from now on. Small price to pay for your good health and your bank balance.
  • You think nothing can replace the pleasure that you get from smoking.
  • You think that the ciggie is your best friend.  You will be lost without it.
  • Someone is nagging you to give up. Because you live in an unreal world,  you are not able to see their points of view.


  • You can get rid of all ashtrays, lighters in the house.
  • Start  to do things differently every day instead of following a routine,  break some other habit.
  • Know that the withdrawal effect,  if they do come will  be mild compared  to having a leg amputated or having a bad toothache.
  • Protect yourself with a good Multi-Vitamin   and Vit. C 1000mg.
  • Tell your family  and friends to support you, because smoking is a habit and we never forget  a habit even though we have not ridden a bike for years. Tell them you are detoxing.
  • Please use places which are non smoking.
  • List all the reasons for smoking and the negative aspects of this habit.
  • List what you will be able to do if you don't smoke.
  • Imagine your life as a smoker  and a non smoker.
  • Decide how you are going to spend the money that you will save.
  • Decide on a day and give me a ring on 01633 810126.

Smokers and other addicts think and believe that their world is great, inspite of evidence to suggest that they are harming themselves and  the people around them.  It is like every hour they would hit themselves with a hammer  and then they have to take an aspirin. Soon they are doing this without much conscious effort and then,  they would say to themselves, " What a life saver an aspirin is!  I simply can't do without it" 


Hopefully you are now able to make that decision. You will not be deprived of anything. Millions are non smokers  and remain so. Confidence and  self esteem are all boosted  with Hypnotherapy.

  • You need not put on any weight after giving up, if you eat sensibly and make sure that you have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and that you do eat your 5 portions,  anyway we do give you a suggestion while you are in hypnosis that you will eat healthily.
  • You will find other pastimes more advantageous to you.
  • You will have not have unbearable withdrawal symptoms.
  • You will be a non-smoker, if you really want to.  There are now millions of ex-smokers who have given up permanently.  It is that easy.


The risk is small, because you are doing the work.  You want to give up and you can.  It is that simple.  You will not give up if it is not your decision or there is an emotion inside of you that wants you to hold on to this habit.  It may take 2/3 attempts for some people but you should try again. Remember it is also the technique used that has the success rate,  not the Hypnosis itself.  For most people smoking is a habit,  and you need to practice to unlearn any unwanted habits.  Hypnosis can make this easy, effortless and QUICK.


The rate of success is 95%, because we used techniques  which have been tried and tested.  Valerie Austin was the first  Hypnotherapist to do STOP SMOKING IN AN HOUR,  and I have been trained by Valerie and follow her technique to the letter.  This means that the 5% who don't stop first time has a free back up,  and we negotiate with the Smoking Habit or other emotional part to allow  the smoker to give up and take on board something more pleasant.


One to One: 250  Successful for most people.Free Back up included in price for those who need an extra session.  This may be because certain emotional parts were not happy about being a non-smoker.

450 for those who have long standing emotional issues.   Probably around 4/5 sessions.

Group Therapy: 95

A few cigarettes a day 'deadly'

Smoking just one to four cigarettes a day almost triples a person's  risk of
dying of heart disease, according to Norwegian researchers. 
Their work suggests the health impact is stronger for women and that even 
"light" smokers face similar diseases to heavier smokers, including cancer. 
The team tracked the health and death rates of almost 43,000 men and women 
from the mid 1970s up to 2002. 
Their findings appear in the journal Tobacco Control. 
_BBC NEWS | Health | A  few cigarettes a day 'deadly'_

Suggested Vitamins

From Organic Pharmacy:  A homeopathic kit costing 35.  Their tel: 0207 361 2232

Lobelia to reinforce the addiction break

A good multi vitamin,  Vit C (6mg)

Antioxidant (Nutriguard Forte) and SMART UK Complex from Biocare. Tel: Nutri Centre (See page on herbal supplements)



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