West Usk Lighthouse

St  Brides, Wentloog,  Newport, S.Wales  NP10 8SF

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We offer the following therapies:-

Hypnosis, NLP, TPM, Psych-K can help find the root cause of a problem,  resolve and heal  issues in a safe and comfortable manner.  No side effects.  More information below on areas where Hypnosis or other mind techniques can be used effectively. 

Full Day of Relaxation 

Sleep Retreat

Positive Affirmations

History,Humour, Poems, Laughter & Quotes

Unusual Pictures

Food & Herbal Supplements

www.hwize.com/lighthouse  for  supplements to help support your immune system and wellbeing.

The Heart

Reiki Attunements

    • Level 1, 11 - Cost �150 for individual sessions.

Our therapists also do Aromatherapy,  Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu,  Body Massage,  Swedish Massage,  Thai massage,  Bowen Technique,  Sports Massage, La Stone Therapy, Reiki, Kinesiology, EFT, MFT, BSFF, Self Hypnosis,  HealthScan technique, and much more


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