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Each person is assessed  and monitored.

  1. You will have allergy  scan using the latest technique  to check whether you are sensitive to the 7,500 items in the database.  You will  know whether you are malnourished and what steps you need to take to re-balance your body.
  2. You will need to detox for a short period of time and then you will be trained to eat sensibly.
  3. You will  be screened  for emotional upsets or traumas and these are then neutralised with Hypnotherapy  or EFT.
  4. You will be given techniques to remove negative beliefs and show how to install positive  and empowering beliefs
  5. You will have a CD to practice at home, to teach how to relax effortlessly.

The total cost payable in advance or by instalments: £450 and the course will be 6 sessions of 2 hours each




If we could listen to our body,  when we first get stressed, we will display many symptoms, aches and pains etc.  If we still continue feeling stressed,  our body will go into an adaptation stage  where the symtoms will disappear.  Finally the exhausted stage when we become chronic, either weight gain or illnesses.

When our body is unbalanced, our immune system is compromised,  it simply does not know what to do for the best. In order to tell us to stop the offending activity,  it creates many unpleasant side effects,  like feeling bloated when we eat grains, we sneeze when we come across pollen, we have flatulence etc..

Sensitivities to certain foods can also be resposible for weight gain.  Wheat,  Maize, Sugar, Dairy products,  additives, preservatives, hydrogenated fat or vegetable fat, cheese and so on.

Many people have yeast infections like Candida Albicans or they are malnourished through eating too much processed  food.  Being menopausal or menopausal can also contribute to weight gain

Each overweight person has a tale to tell.  There is a positive intent,  which needs to be changed and replaced with something more advantageous to you.



SLIM4LIFE Programme

Why do we put on weight?

  1. We don't know how to eat properly, and we tend to over eat as food is so plentiful, and there are so many ways of preparing and  making wonderful dishes to suit all tastes and palettes.  We  have become obsessed with food.
  2. We eat for comfort when we get stressed,  and we believe that we deserve a little treat  and one more cookie will not make that much difference.  The root of this feeling is insecurity, and this can be traced back to childhood.
  3. We don't know how to exercise and we can't stay committed to following a plan of action.
  4. Drugs and illnesses,  such as Diabetes  and Hypo-thyroid will imbalance the body and hence will lead to weight gain if these are not checked.
  5. Environmental pollution in our water and air create toxins in our body,  which our liver has to deal with.
  6. Traumas may also affect our body shape and our body image.


We put on weight when our body gets stressed,  when we feel helpless or hopeless, and we use  food as a substitute. Stress produces a chemical reaction in our organs and muscles.  These chemicals have to be released somehow,  either through sleep, exercise or else they are stored in our fat cells.

The liver has to perform a huge number of tasks daily,  it manufactures, it processes,  it de-activates poisons  and so on. Somedays it is overwhelmed  with the amount of work that it has to do and so when it comes to neutralising some toxins, it is simply too tired,  so it shoves them into the fat cells,  along with undigested food for another day.  The next day it forgets to do that task and so the fat cells accumulate and get larger and larger, as each cell can store up to 400 times its size!

You can also use Hypnosis  & NLP (6 Sessions + An allergy Scan) @ �420 or RejuvaSlim (12 sesssions) @ �540 or if you are confident you can do it on your own,  then a 4 hour session will start you off @ �240  which includes an Allergy Scan,  with report, an eating plan with recipes, NLP and Hypnosis techniques for you to practice plus a CD to take home.

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